“Give Me Love, I Won’t Bring Trouble” Music Video out Now!

Without further adieu, I give you my latest video…
“Give Me Love, I Won’t Bring Trouble”

Thank you to all those involved. The full credits are given in the YouTube video description along with the lyrics.

If you think this song is jamming remember that sharing is caring, and also daring. Any help in spreading these sounds and words is ALWAYS appreciated.

Let me know what you think!

Love My People – out on YouTube

I was inspired to write the lyrics of “Love My People” after a Skype conversation with a friend far far away. He gave me be a boost of encouragement. This one is dedicated to my inner-circle in sunny Cape Town.

The music came as a result of Robsco (school friend/musician) and I losing our minds in a small room cooking under the African summer sun.

This is a serious jam and I hope it eases your commuting and flavours your vibes.

Download of the song: https://chriscape.bandcamp.com/track/love-my-people

Lawnmower EP Live Launch (stripped back)

Here are some live performance clips from the impromptu launch gig for “The Lawnmower EP”. After the original London gig was cancelled due to a knee injury Chris Cape put on live show in the living room for a few friends. The songs featured are “Worth It”, “For The Money” and “Lawnmower”. Make sure to share!

Buy the Lawnmower EP here: https://chriscape.bandcamp.com/album/…


The Lawnmower EP – Now Available

‘I’m making noise like a Lawnmower…’

The bulk of this album was written and recorded in Cape Town with Robsco, and we finished it up while in London and Mexico City.

For me, the EP is a time capsule both lyrically and musically, representing a specific time spent in Cape Town. During this time, my friend Robsco was a sounding board for me as I discussed certain issues with him, and the music mostly flowed as a result of these discussions while jamming, without actually expecting to form an EP or create any complete tracks at all. What we have ended up with is a musical portrayal of thoughts and experiences of life at the time. The lyrics tackle the issues I was working through and resolve themselves with “Love My People”.

I love this album, let me know if you do.

The Lawnmower EP – Behind The Scenes

After many delays caused by several geographical relocations and some near unintentional geographical relocations… (a long story but it will no doubt make it into the lyrical content of future work)…

I am releasing my new “The Lawnmower EP” on the 30th of August! Yip that is soon!

It’s a four track Cape Town-based, Cape Town-inspired, Cape Town-conceived and if all goes well Cape Town-celebrated collection of songs. All tracks were co-produced with fellow Cape Town musician Robsco (The City, The Kifness, Momentss , Chilled Vibes etc.).

These songs were all written in Cape Town with the exception of the song “Love My People”, which is a dedication to my wonderful friends back home. I miss you all so much and I hope my offering finds you in a good zone. Aweh.

To everyone in London, thanks for letting me tear it up here and being down to boogie.

There will be a launch gig at Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch (East London) on the 30th of August and I will be playing at around 8.30pm. It’s free entry so turn up and get down.

But for now go watch this “making of” video to get a taste of what’s coming!

Chris. x

Give Me Love, I Won’t Bring Trouble

This new song is the follow up to both Lawnmower and Worth It and will be featured subsequently as part of the upcoming Lawnmower EP. A video has already been shot for Give Me Love, I Won’t Bring Trouble and it’s really gonna get you excited.

This song is a journey of self-expression and rebellion and looks at how intermingled the two are.

The more you hold me down, the more I will struggle to break from from your grasp. Most of my lyrics are in someway about break the chains that keep us from being the people we can be and/or want to be. This song is the most direct example of me fighting against these chains as well as the most direct look at what some of them may be.

I know that many of you will struggle with similar things in your lives, as I’m sure we all do, and I hope that this song gives you some reassurance that you are not alone in the struggle.

Keep on keeping on.