Mark Hamill Can Handle – Music Video

**UPDATE 09 MAY 2017** Hello everyone, thanks so much for the support with this release. The video got around 20k views between Facebook and YouTube in the first few days and the man himself MARK HAMILL shared the song with some kind words on both Twitter and Facebook. It’s safe to conclude that this release is a success!

Finally the music video for “Mark Hamill Can Handle” is here!

All I want is for you to enjoy this song/video and share it with anyone who may enjoy it.

Official hashtag: #MarkHamillCanHandle

The video was made by the extremely talented James Muxworthy.

Find him here:

The story of “Mark Hamill Can Handle”

A little while ago I wrote and recorded a new song on a whim and what happened was amazing. The song captured the joy and anticipation felt all around me leading up to the first Star Wars movie in a decade and the comeback of cultural icons like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia. Mark Hamill himself tweeted the song saying he was ‘surprised and humbled’ by it, which was way more than I could have hoped for with the song.

Sadly since then we’ve lost Carrie Fisher who was not only a screen Princess but someone who helped to change social stigmas surrounding mental health difficulties with her wit and vulnerable honesty. We miss you Carrie, RIP.

I’d like to dedicate this release to the memory of Carrie Fisher.
Download on iTunes:
Stream on Spotify:


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