“Lawnmower” – Music Video out today

Today my latest video “Lawnmower” is set loose on the world. It stars Amy Walton who is the same person you can hear singing on the record. Amy is a talented jazz singer currently living near me in London. I was very excited when she confirmed her interest in starring in this video with me. Thanks AMY!

Amy Crankshaw-Luyendijk did our make-up, arranged the props and filmed the entire video.

I’ve had this idea for a long time now and am extremely happy with how it’s turned out.


This is the title song from my latest EP “The Lawnmower EP” which is avaiable on Spotify and Apple Music / Itunes at the links below:

BUY ON ITUNES OR STREAM ON APPLE MUSIC: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album…
SPOTIFY: https://play.spotify.com/album/1F3Ifl…

Both the video and the song are rich in Genesis references and themes. It is about us wrestling for our place in the cosmos and working out how we fit in. This is specifically my experience of the struggle but I’m sure you can relate.

If you are based in London, make sure to come down to the George Tavern (E1 0LA) for the official launch party and gig! I have a drummer joining me on stage for this one and it’s going to be huge.

If you digg the stuff I’m making and would like to help in anyway then the best ways to help are:

1. share my stuff passionately on your social media platforms,

2. send emails, and messages to your friends with the songs.

3. give me cash so I can buy a new computer and keep this stuff coming! 😉



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