Lions and Llamas out now!

After the long wait my new single “Lions and Llamas” is now available on all major digital platforms at the link below, or by clicking on the artwork:


For those without access to any of those platforms the song is also available on BandCamp:

Spread the word! Sharing is caring and daring.


Secret Music Party

Thanks to everyone who came to “Chris Cape’s Secret Music Party” in September. It was a massive turnout and an absolute smash and I’ve started planning the next one!

It looks like it’s going to be in Feb so stay tuned!

Here are a couple of clips of the last event for you to dig!

And remember that power cut we had!?

Make sure you stay tuned for info on the next one!


Chris Cape’s Secret Music Party – tickets now on sale


“Chris Cape’s Secret Music Party” is an opportunity to meet cool people, eat free pizza, watch Chris Cape and his band play a blinding live set and have a sweet house party.
There are limited tickets available for this event so make sure you get yours early!
The event is held at a top secret, easy to get to, location in Catwalk Place, North London. Catwalk Place is located on Overbury Road (n15) and full of creative nests and bunkers. You’ll receive the full address and door number when you buy your tickets!
If you’re not one for forward planning and want to buy a ticket on the night then head to Catwalk Place and once there follow the signs to find the entrance…if you’re lucky there will be a few tickets left for you to buy on the door 😉 !
We advise you buy your tickets ahead of time at the link below to avoid missing out!
Buy your tickets here:
Tickets are only ÂŁ5 and include free pizza for everyone. Cash bar.

Valerian – Out Now

“Valerian” is a song about heroes, about needing heroes and about becoming heroes.

No matter where in the world we are we see injustice and corruption. While these evils may be part of our human nature, so are our virtues.

I think most hero-themed stories examine the internal struggle between our good and evil and celebrate those who choose to fight injustice and corruption instead of succumbing to it.


Listen on Spotify here:

Mark Hamill Can Handle – Music Video

**UPDATE 09 MAY 2017** Hello everyone, thanks so much for the support with this release. The video got around 20k views between Facebook and YouTube in the first few days and the man himself MARK HAMILL shared the song with some kind words on both Twitter and Facebook. It’s safe to conclude that this release is a success!

Finally the music video for “Mark Hamill Can Handle” is here!

All I want is for you to enjoy this song/video and share it with anyone who may enjoy it.

Official hashtag: #MarkHamillCanHandle

The video was made by the extremely talented James Muxworthy.

Find him here:

The story of “Mark Hamill Can Handle”

A little while ago I wrote and recorded a new song on a whim and what happened was amazing. The song captured the joy and anticipation felt all around me leading up to the first Star Wars movie in a decade and the comeback of cultural icons like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia. Mark Hamill himself tweeted the song saying he was ‘surprised and humbled’ by it, which was way more than I could have hoped for with the song.

Sadly since then we’ve lost Carrie Fisher who was not only a screen Princess but someone who helped to change social stigmas surrounding mental health difficulties with her wit and vulnerable honesty. We miss you Carrie, RIP.

I’d like to dedicate this release to the memory of Carrie Fisher.
Download on iTunes:
Stream on Spotify:

“Lawnmower” – Music Video out today

Today my latest video “Lawnmower” is set loose on the world. It stars Amy Walton who is the same person you can hear singing on the record. Amy is a talented jazz singer currently living near me in London. I was very excited when she confirmed her interest in starring in this video with me. Thanks AMY!

Amy Crankshaw-Luyendijk did our make-up, arranged the props and filmed the entire video.

I’ve had this idea for a long time now and am extremely happy with how it’s turned out.


This is the title song from my latest EP “The Lawnmower EP” which is avaiable on Spotify and Apple Music / Itunes at the links below:


Both the video and the song are rich in Genesis references and themes. It is about us wrestling for our place in the cosmos and working out how we fit in. This is specifically my experience of the struggle but I’m sure you can relate.

If you are based in London, make sure to come down to the George Tavern (E1 0LA) for the official launch party and gig! I have a drummer joining me on stage for this one and it’s going to be huge.

If you digg the stuff I’m making and would like to help in anyway then the best ways to help are:

1. share my stuff passionately on your social media platforms,

2. send emails, and messages to your friends with the songs.

3. give me cash so I can buy a new computer and keep this stuff coming! 😉


“Give Me Love, I Won’t Bring Trouble” Music Video out Now!

Without further adieu, I give you my latest video…
“Give Me Love, I Won’t Bring Trouble”

Thank you to all those involved. The full credits are given in the YouTube video description along with the lyrics.

If you think this song is jamming remember that sharing is caring, and also daring. Any help in spreading these sounds and words is ALWAYS appreciated.

Let me know what you think!

Love My People – out on YouTube

I was inspired to write the lyrics of “Love My People” after a Skype conversation with a friend far far away. He gave me be a boost of encouragement. This one is dedicated to my inner-circle in sunny Cape Town.

The music came as a result of Robsco (school friend/musician) and I losing our minds in a small room cooking under the African summer sun.

This is a serious jam and I hope it eases your commuting and flavours your vibes.

Download of the song:

Lawnmower EP Live Launch (stripped back)

Here are some live performance clips from the impromptu launch gig for “The Lawnmower EP”. After the original London gig was cancelled due to a knee injury Chris Cape put on live show in the living room for a few friends. The songs featured are “Worth It”, “For The Money” and “Lawnmower”. Make sure to share!

Buy the Lawnmower EP here:…