New Star Wars song out! See the making of in Channel 5 in Star Wars documentary.

One of my more bizarre and unexpected projects of recent times came about while I was out one night at a Disney event meeting new the film stars John Boyega and Daisy Ridley. I saw a man filming some of the proceedings and decided to approach him with an attitude of ‘why wouldn’t he want to film me?’.

A few days later I was asked to a meeting in Crystal Palace where I met a director and research assistant who were working on two Star Wars documentaries in tandem. They explained that one of these documentaries (called ‘How Star Wars Changed The World’) was focused on people of various professions and disciplines who have let their fandom manifest itself in some sort of creative way.

This has all happened off the back of my song ‪#‎MarkHamillCanHandle‬ and when they asked if I were writing any new SW related material, the answer was yes. I’ve had it in my mind to create several tracks in this theme and release them all as an EP/Album in July next year at Star Wars Celebration alongside my regular material.

So there you have it. I’ve written a sad/funny piano ballad about a Stormtrooper from the original film and the writing/recording process was documented by Channel 5 here in the UK.

Click this link to find showing times of the documentary

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Lawnmower is a truly unique track co-produced with Robert Scott and mastered by Vlado Meller. After a couple minutes of dissonance you will be rewarded by the lush vocal tones of the remarkably talented Amy Walton.

The record is available on pretty much all platforms including: iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud and Bandcamp. It’s set at the default £0.79 or £0.99 on most sites however if you’d like to help us recoup the costs and maybe even pay the way forward on our next project then please buy it through Bandcamp below for as much as you possibly can!

This has been one of the most exciting creative processes for me and I hope you love it as much as we do.


Music by Chris Cape and Robert Scott
Lyrics by Chris Cape
Vocals, guitar, keyboards and programming by Chris Cape
Bass guitar, keyboards and programming by Robert Scott
Female vocals by Amy Walton
Mixed by Robert Scott
Mastered by Vlado Meller
Assistant mastering engineer: Jeremy Lubsey
Rap vocals recorded by Jonny Dosé (
Artwork by James William King
Photography by Oakpics (

“Mark Hamill Can Handle” – a song about Star Wars

As a few may have picked up from the occasional lyric reference I count myself a Star Wars fan. This year on May 4th (International Star Wars Day) I got myself into the studio and got messing around with this 1980s Japanese Casiotone organ and long with some drums in the style of ‘Salt-N-Pepa’s here’, just for the effect. ;)

Before I knew it I was overflowing with Star Wars lyrics and a few hours later ‘Mark Hamill Can Handle’ was born. Mark, where ever you are, you are a boss. Thank you for helping to inspire this song.

For those of you who aren’t way to deep into SW, the lyrical content is gonna seem to be non-English. For those people, hang in there folks, I have a couple gritty power rap tracks in the pipeline called ‘Lion Cub’ and ‘Lawnmower’.

For you Star Wars fans. Enjoy this free track, please share it as much as you can and in as many was as you can. Tweet @hamillhimself and let’s get him onboard with the joy fest.

official hashtag: #MarkHamillCanHandle


This track did really well thanks to all you wonderful fans! It managed to make its way to Mark Hamill himself. He loved it. Follow the story here!